Do you want to sound more like a Korean when you speak Korean?  Then learn how to use 의태어 (Mimetic words).  Ah, those funny-sounding adverbs with repetitive syllables.  의태어 is a unique feature of the Korean language that sets it apart from most other languages.  Koreans use so many different kinds of them in daily conversations, all the time.  Learning the mimetic words is one of the shortcuts to speaking Korean as naturally as Koreans speak.  In fact, they are mostly adverbs, so it’s not even difficult to learn them.  You would just need to know when to say them in the right context.

Here is an in-depth lesson: 

Quiz: How many Korean mimetic words can you find in the lyrics below? And what are they?  

Answer: There are four – 두근두근, 반짝반짝, 깜짝깜짝, and 짜릿짜릿. Out of those four, 두근두근 may also be considered as 의성어 (onomatopoeia), depending on your heartbeat sound. ^^ Note that 너무 너무 is NOT a mimetic word, but just repetition of the common adverb 너무 (too much).  

The main point here is that you just say one of these mimetic words, and Koreans will smile or react in one way or another. I guarantee you. So don’t be shy. Just say it. 

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