Koreans take poems seriously. In fact, it would not be too much of an exaggeration to say that the entire Korean aristocracy during 500 years of Joseon Dynasty was built upon a national exam system called 과거제도 which often emphasized memorizing, reciting and writing poetry, among other Confucianist doctrines.  So if a Korean recites a poem in front of you, there’s got to be a good reason for it.  Listen to him or her till the end, and don’t criticize or complain that it’s not his or her original poem.  Please watch how 박민영 converses with 고경표 reciting the following popular poem by the contemporary poet 정호승 in the first episode of 월수금화목토 (Love in Contract, 2022).  It is thrilling to watch this very fine actor finally playing the main actor role of a peculiar judge, after taking years of playing excellent assisting roles since 시카고타자기(Chicago Typewriter, 2017), which already impressed me.  How will this unusual character evolve as this brand new romantic comedy rolls on?  I’m so curious. 

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